Many of us have become very dependent on technology as it plays a very important role in our daily lives. In many ways, it has enabled us to make and strengthen relationships with other people from around the world and help us obtain and use information. And it lets us do all these things with a matter of seconds. Although technology is very advantageous, there are many downsides as well.


By Daniel via Pixabay

Although I do use it a lot, I am one of those people who can go quite a while without technology (by this I mean a few hours a day, sadly). You don’t need to go on your phone every minute of the day and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t need to do research for academic purposes every single minute of the day either. I mean, not that I know of. Constantly browsing through social media can get you off task, and overtime, it will affect your grades, trust me, I’ve been through it so, you can say, I learned it the hard way. There are also many other issues with the use of technology such as cyber bullying, the problem is, is that the bullies behind the screen do not know what is going on, and they are able to say all the things they want to without hesitating. Another issue is plagiarism, kids cannot tempt their selves from copying and pasting their homework after a long day of school. What they don’t realize is that there could be some long term consequences, depending on the situation of course.

On a side of all the disadvantages, there are numerous advantages of technology. In this generation, we are very dependent on technology. I personally use it a lot whether it would be for communicating, entertainment, or for education. It’s not like the olden days where if you have a project or assignment, that you have to go to the library, and read a few books just for one topic, thankfully, now we can have access to so much information just with the click of a button. When it comes to communicating, using my phone is my first choice. Now that I realize it, I talk to more people through social media than I do in person. Technology helps us stay connected to people no matter how far away they are. I have a lot of people that are from Calgary on my social media, and without technology, I would have never been able to keep in tact with all those people, and my life would be completely different without them. It also brings us all together and we are able to connect with one another. The internet is a place where you can learn things and be entertained with, since people all around the world are sharing their knowledge or something amusing, so it helps us keep up with the world, and what is going on.

Technology is something that has made a huge difference in our lives and we are continuing to work on it to make life easier and better for us. It has a great impact on our lives, and if we continue to use it properly, it will make an incredible impact on our lives.



2 thoughts on “Technology

  1. Great job Sundal! Very well written and I like that you connected to both the advantages and disadvantages of technology. My only suggestion is to include some links as well as images to break up the text a little more.


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