My Digital Self


Created by DoppelMe

As you can see here, I created a digital version of myself using a website called DoppelMe. As I was creating my avatar (that’s what it’s called, if you didn’t know), I actually had a lot of fun! I think that it’s really important to have an image of yourself as an online user because other people would be curious to know who they are talking to and I am pretty sure you would too.

If you notice, I am wearing a white hijab and a dress which I made to look like an abaya, I tried to make it black, but it had no black in the color choice, so I chose the color gray. The reason I did this was because I am Muslim, and it’s part of my religion to wear a hijab and be modest. Another reason why I made this outfit because I go to an Islamic school and we have a uniform which consists of a white hijab and a black abaya.

I guess my skin color is pretty accurate but my eye color is not. That eye color you see is the darkest I could get my eyes but in reality, my eye color is light brown. Another thing you might notice is my background, which shows a ski hill, that is because it reminds me of when I used to live in Alberta and my continuous visits to Banff. I remember I loved going on the chair lifts and gondolas since I was very little. So it brings back a lot of memories.

DoppelMe is a website that lets users create a profile picture that is the closest cartoon version of themselves. All you have to do is choose a username and provide an email, gender, and which country you are from, and then bam, you’re done! DoppleMe is a great website and I think it’s one of very few that actually provides a hijab in the accessories.

Since it is a website, there are some downsides as well. One of the main issues is the colors.For example,  if you choose a brown color for your eyes, it will appear as gray. And if you choose brown for your skin color, it will appear as purple. So, I feel like DoppelMe could improve on that. Another issue is that most of the accessories are worth money, and I am pretty sure no one will bother to save up money for an accessory.

Other than that DoppelMe is a pretty cool website and I recommend you guys check it out!





2 thoughts on “My Digital Self

  1. Hey Sundal!
    I really enjoyed your blog. it was very insightful and it looks like your avatar really represented you. I like how you spaced out your text into paragraphs. I agree that the colour for the avatars were quite washed out, but all in all the website was useful to make a profile picture and avatar.


  2. Hi Sundal! Your blog was very well-written and thoughtful. I like how you included a detailed description of your appearance in the avatar. The colors were a little off but overall the results were pretty good.
    Maryum Saif


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