Our New Way of Interacting

In this generation, technology is all around us, and it’s actually really hard to stay away from it. For instance, my mother will tell my little brothers to turn off the TV, and they will do so, but then we find them on the phone playing games, so there is always some type of electronic device they can get their hands on. Now, this would be a really good thing if technology was used for educational purposes, which, don’t get me wrong, it still is, but technology is also used in ways that negatively affect us.

Technology is one of those things that you can use for a good cause or a bad cause. As my dad tells me “You can use technology to learn everything or nothing.” Although many people like me will use electronic devices for homework and researching, we also use it quite a lot for communication. Texting, emailing, etc. is used for interacting with other people, but back in the day, you would only call someone if they were hard to contact, and now we text more people than having face to face conversations. Just like Shanjana Hossain said on her blog, we prefer virtual connectivity rather than physically meeting each other. As a result, we have trouble having real life conversations.

Public Domain CC0 via Pixabay

As Sherry Turkle said in the video above, technology brings us together but also separates us. She showed a completely relatable picture of her daughter and her friends sitting together but were not together because they were all on their phones. And I have personally seen this with my own eyes countless times. Since I don’t bring my phone to school, it sometimes just kills me when everyone casually takes out their phones and stop the real life conversation. It’s like they completely leave the real world. So I feel like the people who don’t have some type of electronic device understand the negative effect of technology a bit more than those who do.

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for the wrong reasons. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

As Sophia Breene said on her website, keeping up with email, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites all day and night can be exhausting, bad for our brains, bad for our relationships, and bad for our productivity. Trying to keep up with social media leaves us very little time to have real conversations, so Margie Warrell says on her website, that we need to unplug by turning off our phones, tablets, iPads, etc. and take time, to engage with people, in person, with face to face communication.


2 thoughts on “Our New Way of Interacting

  1. Hey Sundal. I can relate to the part where you mentioned your brothers having a piece of Technology on their hands. Whenever I was younger, I’d somehow get a device. Now that I know more and I’m careful. I really liked your post. 🙂


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