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My Favorite Foods

A while ago I was thinking about food (I mean, who doesn’t) and I thought, why not do a post about my favorite foods. So I have here a list of my favorite foods, I do have way more food that I really like but then this list would be going on forever. And if you find something you haven’t tried, go ahead and give it a try because it’s always good to try out new things.

Public Domain CC0 via Pixabay  Black Forest Cake. Yum.

Public Domain CC0 via Pixabay Ice Cream  🙂

By Cristian Feher Public Domain via Flickr Butter Chicken!

Public Domain via Pixabay French Fries! Can’t forget about that.

Public Domain CC0 via Pixabay Garlic Bread 🙂

Public Domain via Pixabay Finally something healthy…

Public Domain CC0 via Pixabay And last but not least, Churros!

If you have any favorite foods you would like to share, let me know by commenting down below.


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Foods

  1. Although this is an interesting idea for a post it would be much better if you provided a description about what your favourite food are and why. It’s nice to have pictures but there should be some written content as well.


  2. Hey Sundal, I can totally agree with you on the ice cream part, however I have never tried churros before. What are they like? Let me know if they’re worth trying. Great job on making me feel hungry!


    1. Mantaqua my friend, a churro is deep fried dough that is covered in sugar and is crunchy on the outside but soft like butter on the inside. In other words, it’s a really delicious treat that I really recommend you try. Sadly, churros aren’t very common in Saskatchewan, but whenever I go to Alberta, I eat way too much of them. Thanks for asking though!


  3. Hi Sundal this is Maddy Online,
    I totally agree with you I love everything on that amazing list, but i’ve never tried butter chicken. What is butter chicken i bet it is good if there is the word butter and chicken. i’ve tasted churros in Florida but i’ve only tried them once but i remember them being amazing crunchy outside and soft inside. AMAZING!

    You can come visit me at:
    Your friend Maddy Online! Have a great day!


    1. Hey Maddy, butter chicken is an Indian dish with chicken and a creamy curry sauce, and yes, it does taste really good! I totally agree with you, churros are amazing! And I will definitely check out your blog, see you there!


  4. I am from Austria, south of Germany, so I can relate to your love of Schwarzwälder-Kirschtorte, your first pick. It is always interesting to eat dishes from foreign countries and find out about different flavour profiles. Are any foods on there typically Canadian? Which Canadian dish should everybody try?


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