Student Blogging Challenge

Farewell From the 18th Challenge

This has been my first blog experience and I can say that it has been a good one. I have been blogging since the beginning of our second semester, so for quite a few months now. I got to connect with many other people around the world, visit their blogs and learn many new things about them such as their culture, hobbies, and interests. And that’s what the student blogging challenge is for, to connect with other people. From doing this student blogging challenge, I was able to experience a new hobby, and I probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for the challenge. Overall, I was able to improve during the time and I have enjoyed this experience.

Over the past few months, I have written around fourteen posts, some of them being for my tech 9 class, some for this challenge, and some being free posts. For our technology class, I wrote one or two posts, for the student blogging challenge, I wrote about ten posts, and I have written about four posts based on my own interest. I was really satisfied with the comments I got, since there were people commenting from around the world and thankfully, until now, I have only gotten about 3 spam comments. In total, I think I had about 35 comments on my blog. The post that I got the most comments on was a free post I wrote called Tips on Taking Notes, and it received about ten comments. I wrote it in the winter break, so I’m guessing people had time to visit other blogs and comment on them. And I guess reading a post about taking notes wasn’t very common so people decided to comment on mine. Out of all the posts I have written, I enjoyed writing a post called The Golden Age of Islam: Inventions because many people don’t know much about the Middle Ages, many even think of it as the Dark Ages although many great things also happened. Many people also don’t know much about Islam and how it contributed to this world, so I decided to write a post about it.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know much about it, but after practice, I have a way better understanding of the blogging world. When I created my blog, I tried out many different blog themes and chose a theme and just stuck with it, but a while later, I started customizing my blog theme. Then I think I changed my theme about three times now just to play around and see what type of theme would be the right one for me. In the beginning, the only widget I had was the calendar, but now I have a categories widget, an image widget, tags, and the blogroll. I think I have just enough widgets because the widgets that I chose are one of the important ones and I don’t think I would be adding more. On my blog roll, I have five overseas students, some of them being bloggers who have commented on by blog and some being blogs that I enjoyed reading. I changed the appearance of my blog a lot such as changing the background and the header image. I try to make a color theme so currently, maroon, black, and gray are my theme colors. I might change my blog a bit in the future but right now I am happy about how it turned out.



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